Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I call myself Kali! Deadly Kali!!
and this blog is dedicated to all that is connected to mythology.

Why mythology?
Simply becasue that is what I read, learn and teach!
I have been formally initiated into the study of comparative mythology back in 1994.
We all know myths becasue that's what is given to us from our child hood but there are very few opportunities to learn it formal ways.

I decided to blog about myths becasue there is so much curiosity among people in general about myths and there is so much confusion out there. Mostly becasue there are so many self proclaimed gurus in media, who want to make fast name and money by calling themselves mythologist. But most of the times what they are trying to tell and entertain people by narrating traditional stories under the guise of Mythic tale. Let me say this onset, all traditional tales are not myths. For instance, Ramayana and Mahabharata are not myths.( which is general perception) Ramayana and Mahabharata are epics. There are many myths embedded within these epics, but that does not qualify Ramayana and Mahabharata as mythic tales. So it is important to know if the story is a myth or not. Why we call some stories myths? what is the difference between a myth and other stories? and why do we need myths after all?

I intend to put across my own understanding of these questions I raised,and try and analyze it in this blog.

Hope you enjoy this blog!


  1. Hey, I did not know you have started another blog!

    This is great!
    I have a lot of interest in this subject, so thanks for blogging about it.
    It's not possible for each one of us to formally study mythology, but learning about it by reading posts sure seems like a good way of learning!

  2. Hey,
    good that you found this blog.
    I started it but was not happy with the name "Mythic journey" ; wanted to change the name of the blog into something. But i have not yet come with new name and also I am not sure if i can change the name as it has already registered in blogger site...
    i will continue to post on this site...
    keep me posted if you have any questions...